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Inspired by Jesus' words in Matthew 10:27, Selah Space is devoted to practicing stillness to hear in the dark.
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Shannon Medisky

I’m a former teacher, current wife and mom and an accidental writer.

Like so many, I’m simultaneously where I never expected but exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I know this because I know Who directs my path (Psalms 32:8, 37:23 and Proverbs 16:9).

Ever since I remember, I remember God. I don’t remember a time when He wasn’t part of my life. From the infantile requests for material things—like the doll with the bright yellow dress I so desperately wanted as a little girl—to the prayers that were felt because I couldn’t muster words to say them as an adult, God has always been the constant in my life.

I came to motherhood in two different ways: biology and adoption, in that order. I’m both honored and challenged daily to love, care and guide them, especially so because of their many differences. Nate, my older son, is typically developing. My younger son, Mark, on the other hand, has a mountain of special needs.

As they grow, the developmental divide between them—and my challenge to parent them both effectively—grows, too. Along the way, I’ve met with other challenges, too:

How to ease the suffering of my little boy?
How to guide my older son to understanding and empathy beyond his years?
How to make the best choices in the midst of so many unknowns?
And how to maintain a spirit of joy in the midst of it all?

In short, the answer to all of these questions (and countless others I’ve encountered along the way) is the constant I’ve clung to all along: God.

But as simple as it may sound, I’m ashamed to admit it hasn’t been. I’ve gotten busy. I’ve been hurried. Sometimes my heart has been so filled with anxiety, fear and sadness, that it left no more room for Him. God has always been present. But in my rush to multitask, I’ve often forgotten to focus on the most important single-task of all: Time spent still with Him.

Shannon Medisky

Welcome to Selah Space.

It’s a place that honors the importance of stillness and reflection, a place to slow down, a way to better make space in our hearts and lives for Him.

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Read devotions about my personal journey and what I’ve been hearing God say in the dark.


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